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Practicing yoga helps to free up energy by

developing skills to awaken our senses.

I teach and practice Forrest Yoga

to stretch my imagination and shift my perception.

Forrest Yoga is a healing practice.

Beneficial for any age and level of experience

and great for those working with specific injuries or needs.

Breath is the foundation of the practice.

Learning how to breathe deeply wakes us up

and increases our breath capacity, oxygenating

our blood, organs, and cell tissue.

To name a few things,

this assists in healthy heart and brain function,

digestion, vitality, and focus.

Classes are designed to build strength and steadiness.

Each session features abdominal exercises to develop

strong core muscles and connection to your center.

This core intelligence relieves chronic neck pain,

 back pain and supports the body

in lengthening and opening.

Mindful, intentional movement develops

Proper alignment allows us to stand tall

 with ease and grace.

A deep and meaningful connection with ourselves

connects us to our Spirit, the intuitive,

innate energy within you.

Each class is designed around a specific intent

to create a practice that resonates with you.

Example: Choose a spot in your body to breathe ease into

All poses have modifications,

providing the opportunity for each of us

to meet your own needs.

If you have any questions,

contact me!

Due to COVID-19

all classes are held virtually on Zoom

Live class times here

Recordings are available for 48 hours

Contact me for

Private Sessions

S T U D E N T   T E S T I M O N I A L

Rosalie is one of the most gifted yoga teachers I’ve ever worked with.

Her knowledge and skill is matched by her compassion and genuine care for each student.

I’ve taken both group classes and private sessions with her.

In the private sessions, I wanted to build my strength, confidence

and understanding of hand-stand poses.

I also needed help with hip openers.

Rosalie designed each session specifically for me and my needs.

She created the most affirming, supportive, empowering experience

and worked with me step by step to achieve my goals.

I received more than I could have imagined in my series of private sessions with her.

Rosalie is highly skilled as an instructor and is able to intuit what each student needs.

Her energy is grounding, loving, encouraging, and inspiring.

Her verbal cues are excellent and her tactile feedback is gentle and immensely helpful.

I’ve grown so much by working with Rosalie over the past year.

I give her my highest recommendation for yoga students at all levels.

JW, Seattle

Yoga for Cyclists

Currently on break, please contact me for more information.


This series of yoga classes offered at Cascade Bicycle Studio is designed specifically for cyclists!

Classes will focus in freeing up the hamstrings, quads and hips, strengthening core and opening upper body. Using breath techniques to build breath capacity, oxygenating muscles and organs to increase performance, flexibility and strength.

All levels welcome!

Bring a towel, water bottle and yoga mat ~ Tuesdays 7-8pm
January 30th- April 24th 2018

Space is limited, sign up today!


CBS in Fremont

180 North Canal Street
Seattle, WA 98103

40 feet from Seattle's bike friendly Burke-Gilman Trail

Dolphin on the wall, yoga pose
Down dog on wall with one leg up, yoga pose
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