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I've been a working glass artist since 2002 and

a certified yoga instructor since 2014.

The thrill and physical experience of glassblowing

lends itself nicely to the practice of yoga- deliberately organizing

your body with concentration, adaptability and attention to detail.

The results are a unique experience or sculpture.


I am passionate about the way art and yoga make me feel

and sharing that with others lights me up.

As an instructor I teach students,

first and foremost, how to breathe deeply.

From there, developing the skills to create visceral experiences

in a healing and supportive way come much more easily.


Being in service to the greater good is my inspiration

for doing this work. My intention is to motivate each of us

to take good care of ourselves and the world.

Yoga shows us the power of our choices

by observing our experiences through the lens of the breath.

Using the practice of self-awareness,

we recognize our role in shaping our experiences

and engaging with the world around us.


Nature reminds me to keep learning and growing,

to honor the phases of my life and trust the process.

I am blessed by those who choose to work with me

and learn together.


From my heart to yours



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