I am an artist and certified yoga instructor with 18 years of professional experience working with teams and diverse groups of individuals. My background as a glassblower has strengthened my ability to work in a team setting. Most recently as a top member of Dale Chihuly’s world renowned glassblowing team for over 9 years, I had the privilege of traveling to Finland and Japan and work alongside famous glass artisans from all over the world.

The thrill and physical experience of glassblowing lends itself nicely to the practice of yoga- using your body in intelligent and specific ways with concentration, adaptability, focus and attention to detail, resulting in a unique experience or sculpture.


I am passionate about the way art and yoga make me feel and sharing that with others lights me up. As an instructor I teach students, first and foremost, how to breathe deeply. From there, developing the skills to create thrilling experiences in a healing and supportive way come much more easily.


Being of service to the greater good is my inspiration for doing this work. It is my intention to motivate each and every one of us to take greater care of ourselves and the world we live in. Our choices effect everything within us and around us. Yoga shows us the power of our choices by observing our experiences through the lens of the practice. Through the power of

self-awareness, we acknowledge our role of engaging with and shaping the world around us.


I am motivated by nature to keep learning and growing, to honor the phases of my life and trust the process. I am blessed by those who choose to work with me and learn from each and every one of them. We are all teachers and leaders within our families, workplaces and communities. May we take that responsibility humbly and sensibly, and with a sense of humor.


From my heart to yours,