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A series designed to break out the walls of limitation!

Shatter old beliefs and patterns about yourself.

Shape shift into an entirely new way of being.


Three weeks~ Three one-on-one sessions~ Tremendous growth!

We will work specifically to your needs.

Where are you blocked? What needs healing? What is calling for expansion?

What would you like to shift in your life RIGHT NOW?

NOW IS THE TIME, Let's Get Started!

Contact me TODAY

Module One~ Shatter

Limiting Beliefs

Old Patterns of Being

Energy Leaks

Low Self Esteem

Dis-empowering Beliefs

Habitual Holding

Dependency on Others

Module Two~ Clear

Listen and Look Within

Identify What's Working

Release Stuck Energy

Recognize Your Wisdom

Connect To Your Spirit

Reveal Your Truth

Release Pain

Module Three~ Embody

Trust Your Intuition

Access Your Power

Release Excess Weight or Stress

Create Healthy Boundaries

Gain Strength and Flexibility

Skillfully Manage Your Energy

Speak Your Truth, Walk In Beauty


"Rosalie is gifted at creating space.  I always come away feeling that it was just what I needed. She is able to create and hold space for me.  Rose also teaches me how to hold space for myself. I have gotten to practice better boundaries, more effective filtering, and the clarity that comes with presence. I get just what I need out of working with Rose because she tunes me in to my inner knowing and divine wisdom. Rosalie has respect for the process of change and growth.  I don’t feel pressured to be anyone but who I am when working with her.

Her honesty is quiet, her reflections are true, and her guidance is insightful.

Shattering is an interesting word.  Shattering is an interesting process. I feel like I have discovered new glittering veins of precious ore within myself. My vision is both widened and sharpened.  I feel both more open and more protected. I feel better aligned and more able to cultivate what I want more of in my life."   RA

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