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Rosalie Battah

As an artist and healer, I use physical modalities to create art and well-being


In the glassblowing studio, on the yoga mat, and in life, I practice to art of mindful intention and deep listening to be my best self and supportive of others

Down dog on wall one leg up, yoga pose

Go beyond the poses to focus on the subtle aspects of the practice

Create space for body,

mind and Spirit to align

into well-being


Build mindfulness,

strength and flexibility

Multi color leg vase with hand leaves, blown glass made with Wilson High school students 2017

Fun glass fine art and watercolor paintings

Two Hand Mudras on the beach, clear glass

Relieves Stress

Boosts Immune System

Balances Mind, Body, and Spirit

Promotes Healthy Organ Function

Customized series

designed to meet clients individual goals


© 2020 Rosalie Battah    Seattle, WA